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I have deliberately tried to eliminate some of the frustrations of finding qualified assistance during the design process and creating and purchasing unique products, not to mention the difficulties of sourcing and contacting creative artists and glassmakers who are really busy making wonderful pieces.

Simply let me know the design theme, ideas or pieces that you like and I will respond quickly with more information, availability and prices, that will be inclusive of delivery to your door, anywhere in the world.

Sometimes we include for installation or supervision of final installation. We regularly work with architects, interior designers and clients, particularly in the Middle East and Far East to create pieces from sketch designs or high quality visuals or sometimes simply from "ideas in our heads" and continue our work throughout the process.

If you are a company or individual and want to commission an entirely new piece or range, just call me or send your ideas and I will discuss with the most relevant artists and respond with proposals.

If you are a gallery or private collector and would like to host an exhibition or event with some of the artists present, I will be pleased to work with you on all aspects to ensure mutual success.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit card. Commercial project terms vary and can be agreed prior to commencement.

It is easy to simply email: or Tel: +44 (0)1384 893346 or +44 (0)7854 655397

We are all looking forward to hearing from you soon.