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Radical and Dynamic
Examples of feature designs and commissions for hotel, home and commercial interiors and exteriors that make a statement and will get a reaction. Can we add yours soon?

Visually Intriguing
If you are considering a piece of glass that teases your eyes and your mind. That you just cant put down or take your eyes off. That stimulates thoughts and discussion. Enjoy the examples shown in this section.

Wall Features and Interior Glass
Stunning glass wall features, panels, partitions, splash backs and more, created through collaboration with interior designers and clients. Different influences, colours and themes, united by the fabulous impact they make and response they receive.

Stourbridge Crystal Glass
Traditional and modern fine crystal glasses, bowls, lighting and more, all hand-blown and cut using skills passed on through generations.

Cameo and Carved
Exquisite, colourful hand blown and carved bowls and vases that truly deserve even wider international acclaim.

Marine and Countryside
For interior decoration and design where you want people to ‘escape’ to the sea or the countryside, be inspired by some of the possibilities for shells, panels, bowls, vases and feature pieces and even large glass fish, made in natures colours.

Gold and Silver Flair
For interiors where you want to create a feeling of opulence and style or for any occasion that you want to make really ‘special’ you always need some gold and silver. Combine with handmade glass, creativity, flair and supreme skill and you have the perfect solutions. Examples of feature pieces including bowls and candlesticks to tempt you here.

Simply Colourful and Stylish
Colour and style – every interior designer and glass artists dream? Sometimes the thought process just starts with particular colours and styles to create new or to refresh or renovate an existing location. Sometimes they need to support corporate branding, messages or ideals. Whatever you need and whatever your favourite colour is, if you cant find it here….

Not really an interior design item and there are thousands of jewellery makers, but we have known a great hand-made glass jewellery creator who deserves a wider audience, so you can see some examples of his work here!

Stunning Chandeliers Plus
We regularly work with interior designers, companies and clients on new designs for lighting and chandeliers. To tempt you, we have included some more information and examples of our capabilities here.

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