• In 1903, one of these pioneers, Frederick Carder, left Stevens and Williams for America where he established the firm of Steuben, who remain even today one of the finest glassmaking companies in USA and regularly produced its products for American presidents for presents to royalty and visiting prime ministers. In this collection you will find Okra Glass, who's amazing skills and designs continue to develop these techniques and provide worthy competition, but more importantly pieces that collectors and people with style, truly treasure.
  • From the 19th and into the 20th century the art glass of Stourbridge was just the higher level of the production and this extended to the design and production of a vast array of all types of glassware supplied to the British Empire and countries worldwide, including huge amounts of tableware to hotels, railways and shipping companies. Some companies produced chandeliers and lighting and items diverse as glass furniture and billiard tables for palaces and superior residences. Perhaps one of the most famous commissions was the supply of glass by Stuart Crystal to the ocean liner the 'Titanic in 1912.
  • Other famous names operating in the Stourbridge area during the 20th century included Stevens and Williams (who later became Royal Brierley Crystal), Thomas Webb and Sons and Webb Corbett. Often they employed designers from the UK and overseas to develop new styles and ranges. These included names such as Keith Murray, Graham Sutherland, Eric Ravilious, Paul Nash, Dod and Ernest Proctor and Dame Laura Knight and their creations are some of the most sought after items by present day collectors.
  • Two major glass colleges provided hands-on training in glassmaking and from the 1930's Stourbridge School of Art produced a stream of talented glass artists including Irene Stevens and David Hammond . Today the International Glass Centre in Brierley Hill and Wolverhampton University continue to attract and produce some of the finest glassmakers in the world.
  • All of the artists and companies in this collection produce by hand individual pieces, collections and commissions of international quality for you to enjoy. They will become the new 'famous names of Stourbridge Glass' and provide the next chapter in a fascinating history. Why not be part of it by purchasing something soon?